Materiais, Energia e Ambiente

M.E.A. - Materials, Energy and Environment Ltd (M.E.A. Ltd) was founded in 1995. It was initially established in response to a specific gap in the then embryonic renewable energy sector.

Based on knowledge, dynamism and experience of its founders, M.E.A. Ltd implemented various projects for photovoltaic solar energy conversion, contributing for the training and development of professional skills of the co workers.

Nowadays by joining together the operational strands M.E.A. Ltd feels the imperative to actively contribute to the European strategy for climate protection known as [20-20-20]. For more information click here.

M.E.A. Ltd fosters this strategy throughout the implementation of measures and procedures to minimize energy consumption in its activities, by the design of systems and products of high energy efficiency and participation in the preservation or recovery of natural ecosystems.

In the current economic and business context, M.E.A. Ltd is engaged in the following lines of action:

- Materials Science and Engineering;
- Energy Conversion and its applications;
- Design, Production and Sale of lighting equipment;
- Training and Consulting.



Materiais, Energia e Ambiente, Lda.